So what is newaitchsee?

(NB  This is a copy of todays post at HC, in case you’ve already swapped!)

Having announced my desertion of blogger from next Thursday 10 June 2010, I’d better introduce what will be the replacement to Hambo Central after Code Ochre.

It will be, wait for it, newaitchsee.  Say it out loud, you’ll get it (and funny looks from anyone around you.)

NEW; as it says, but still sharing the popular stuff from HC (there has been some you know…)

Aitch; may only work with an English/English accent… letter “H”

See; “An Episcopal see is, in the original sense, the official seat of a bishop.  This seat, which is also referred to as the bishop’s cathedra is placed in the bishop’s principal church, which is therefore called the bishop’s cathedral.”

NO, I’m not claiming divine anything, I just like the idea of somewhere to sit and have folk come to listen to one’s expostulations.

See also gives us “C”… I know maybe I worked too hard at it?

Where newaitchsee will be different from HC is that I will use the rant-kill button less often.  I’ve been reluctant to really blow the gaffe on a few things, but now, sod it; some things really have to be said by me, whilst I still have the opportunity.  Still polite, but more to the point and with less obfuscation.

I will use the month that Code Ochre is running to stock up my archive of half-a-grand-of-memories, medicofactofables, silly pictures, music anniversaries and so on.  I WILL NOT BE WATCHING SOCCER, OR TENNIS FOR THAT MATTER, (except sitting with Hazel listening to Johnny McEnroe savage Wimbledon in his inimitable style.)

HAND, music anniversary will be at “the old” HC tomorrow!


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34 Responses to So what is newaitchsee?

  1. I’m so glad you gave the phonetics. I never would have gotten H out of aitch. I’m going to have to start reading your posts with an English/English accent. Although, I must admit whenever I try to do that the accent I wind up with is similar to Brad Pitt in Snatch and no one knows what the hell I’m trying to say. I like sod it. And the word feck. I’m borrowing those. Are these both naughty (i.e. prone to censorship) over there? Any way to use them both in sentence?

  2. davehambo says:

    You are most welcome to those two typical English-English vernacular words. Feck as a corruption for F£CK, should get round any censors; sod is sod, both expletive and earth, so censors should go round in circles working it out! Both in one phrase quite OK… “Oh for feck sake and sod it!”

  3. Lisleman says:

    Just checking out your new crib. nice
    The rant button – I try to avoid rants but they do slip in. Now being a reserved Brit are you allowed to rant?
    Oh were you thinking of deleting HC? I suggest just putting a final post saying to please visit here and leaving it for future archaeologists.

    • davehambo says:

      Crib… isn’t that where one sleeps? I do rant, often incoherently that’s the problem! HC will stay for the virtual archaeologists to enjoy…

  4. I’m am over-excited and have just used them in one of my comments. I said, “sod it, I don’t give a feck!” Am SO proud of myself. Thanks DH, I can now HAND. 😉

  5. duncanr says:

    I see you’re using the ‘cockney’ pronunciation of the letter ‘H’ 😆

  6. I’m only halfway lost, but I guess that’s a start! 🙂

  7. Laura says:

    Nice, it took Peeved’s comment to help me figure out the post! Dense here, but under the weather is the excuse I have.
    One of my favorite word’s is ‘winge’…. just love that one!

    Looking forward to this new venue and content and I promise to be a better visitor.

    • davehambo says:

      Hi Laura; should it be spelt winge or whinge? Either way, grand word!
      Call by when you can; code ochre will have a weekly synposis of posts on Saturday in issuu format, for convenience…

  8. frigginloon says:

    Am I the first to say fuck, fart and Friggin Loon?
    That should stop you from getting all cozy with Joy!!!!!

  9. Welcome to the Other Side!

  10. Gruff Guano says:

    Concerning English accents, the conversation between the guys from Liverpool and the London Mobster was pretty funny.

  11. Gruff Guano says:

    … (in the movie ‘lock stock and two smoking barrels’ that is. Typed the title, then wanted to move it, … then forgot to mention it.)

    • davehambo says:

      Hi Gruff, you had me puzled there for a second! Regional accents in Britain can be almost impenetretable, how about in your level of the blogolake.

  12. Gruff Guano says:

    Same here, Dave. There are regional accents in Dutch or Flemish that are simply incomprehensible when you’re not from that area. When you stop to ask directions (at least before the GPS era) and you happen to stumble upon an authentic local, it’s a matter of nodding politely during the rant, giving them a big thumbs up as thanks, and trying to find helpful directions elsewhere.

    • davehambo says:

      My inlaws (both now passed over) told a tale of them driving through NWEurope in the early 1970’s and stopping in Paris to ask directions of a policeman. When the reply came in parisiaon patois way beyond either of them, MIL is said to have spake “Tell him Merci and we’ll just drive on!”

      • Gruff Guano says:

        Good thing GPS came along. But Paris is still a disaster to wind up there by car.

  13. jill says:

    It took both hubby and me to figure it out! Great name!! 🙂

    And you already have new viewers!! (or should that be “bottom-dwellers”) 😉

  14. Tony says:

    So if this is Code Ochre, where is Newaitchsee??? Or is this blog going to be renamed Newaitchsee??? Or do you just mean that Code Ochre is the new HC???
    Some of us Tasmanians aren’t very clever at coming to grips with complex explanations… :-/

    • davehambo says:

      Up the top of the page Tony there are 3 page tabs; about me, home and newaitchsee. Home = code ochre until 9 July 2010 when the novella finishes. The home page will then become the current newaitchsee (bit of tweaking will do it, I’m told) and code ochre will be a seperate page.

      BUT, I will have trapped folk into coming to davehambo regularly by then?

      • Tony says:

        O I just posted the next comment before the page refreshed & read your reply. I was a bit thick then

  15. Tony says:

    I re-read the explanation & am still somewhat confused…..

    “I’d better introduce what will be the replacement to Hambo Central after Code Ochre.

    The key words “AFTER Code Ochre” seems to indicate that Newaitchsee will be a different blog. Am I right in this understanding or am I still being a bit thick between the ears???

  16. Dan McGinley says:

    This is the beauty of the net, bringing us all together and learning from each other, enjoying our likes and differences, and getting strange looks as we occassionally laugh outloud. I can’t wait to read your latest.

  17. IzaakMak says:

    Thank goodness for all the comments ahead of mine. Now I’m only “mostly” lost! Perhaps I’d be a little more caught up if I’d found the time to drop by your blogger site more often. But hell, I don’t even drop by my old blogger site any more. I do wish you’d had some way to subscribe by email though. I jumped on this one as soon as I knew about it, and will do the same with the newaitchsee as soon as you provide the link! 😀

    • davehambo says:

      Hello IzaakMak; I can’t work out how to allow email subscriptions from wordpress, please tell me anyone?

      • IzaakMak says:

        Uh… Dave? You have the widget in your sidebar. That’s how I subscribed. Maybe this theme came with it already setup that way, but you can always add it to your new blog. Are are you just having a bit of fun with me? 😕

      • davehambo says:

        No IzaakMak; I’m just a stupid old git who is out of bed way too early in the day… didn’t see the widget, must have come preloaded, ooppsss!

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