Welcome to an introduction about the upcoming novella, Code Ochre, that starts here on Friday 11 June 2010.

Just what does all this mean;

“A novella about psychological chicanery and political cover-up by government. Set in Britain in 2009, each post will be about 500 words MAX each day, 5 days a week for 20 days only.  With a compendium post each weekend using the issuu format for your convenience and pleasure!  To provide intellectual stimulation and distraction from soccer world cup and, well, whatever you want?”

Novella… sod what others mean, I mean a fiction novel; longer than a short-story ( around 5,000 words) but not full length (anything over 50,000 words).

500 words a day… this should be no more than 2 full screens of words, hopefully in a font large enough for me and others to read without squinting.  Take well less than half a coffee break to read, maybe longer to think about; hopefully below the “TL;DR” cut-off.

Issuu… those who know me will also know of my love affair with the “flipping page pdf magazine format”.  It rocks, IMHO and is the ideal format for the weekly compendium starting Saturday 19 June 2010.

Intellectual stimulation… I ain’t going to spoon fed readers with lots of irrelevant wordage; like my bottom, it will all be tight (if only?).  I will leave you to decide on the physical features of the characters and countryside, each to their own.  I will be serving up the daily story line in 3 or 4 paragraphs of transcripts from, well… come back and see.

Distraction… to keep track of the plot (what plot I heard someone question, grrrr) I will be delighted, nay honoured and amazed, if readers copy each days post and paste onto your own WP document to mull over.  (In Arial 10 they all fit on less than one side of A4, I’ve checked!)

As this novella is being published through a blog, folk are welcome to copy it and use for own personal perusal.  HOWEVER, if I find some bastard is passing any of it off as their own work I will have a hissy-fit of fatal proportions; fatal to you, not me as Hazel will be set on you… be warned!

After the conclusion on Friday 9 July 2010 I will post the names of the actors/actresses I would like to play the characters in any film version of Code Ochre (I know, daydreams and delusions…).  Your list will be welcomed at that time as well!

So, hope to see you Friday 11 June 2010, anytime after 0700h BST London!

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  1. I know I’m a little early but—Abe Vigoda has to be involved in the film somehow…he’s got the Midas-touch…

    • davehambo says:

      Hello R-YS, welcome to code ochre… your man might get a look in but not as the hero… Hope you enjoy it when it starts

  2. lisleman says:

    Looking forward to reading the start.
    I suspect you have the whole thing written already. Would you be open to plot suggestions as it goes along?

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Lisleman… I have 12 of the 20 episodes written, but have been waiting for the last 3-4 days about going further. You have identified one possible course of action that I’ve ruminated on. What do others think? I shall put a little poll up for the first week, by which the general plotline will be clear(ish) and see how many fancy chipping in ideas. Many thanks for the suggestion BTW!

  3. Tony says:

    500 words a day, are you kidding me Dave, I had enough intellectual trouble understanding the newaitchsee explanation….

  4. jill says:

    Are you looking for unknowns, by chance?? 😉

  5. Julie says:

    Ooooh … this is going to be MUCH more exciting than that damn world cup …. I’m already deaf from those frickin vuvuzelas FFS!

  6. duncanr says:

    DAVE !!!



    FFS – I’ve been waiting forever for this 🙄

    WAKEY, WAKEY !!!

    [I Bet you’d come awake soon enough if I was to ram the pointy end of one of those South African vuvuzelas up your . . . . ] 😆

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