Central Press Briefing

Background for Media visiting “The Complex” on 07/04/09

Full details and any questions will be dealt with during visit.

The conceptual idea for a specialist sport and occupation assessment centre arose from interdepartmental consideration of future needs within England and Wales.

Jointly funded by specified R+D grants from Work and Pensions, Culture, Education and Science, Defence and Defra, “The Project” has been approved to study;

  • The health and special ability of potential international level sporting competitors in single participant activity such as athletics, tennis and golf; to identify the best and enrol them in the relevant National Training Academy or personal programme.
  • Similarly for young adults wishing to enlist in the armed services; to identify at an early stage the best route for their career.
  • Individuals who have not gained any employment for at least 3 years after leaving compulsory state education; to define any needs for rehabilitation to enhance their employment potential.

Based at “The Complex” in North Cheshire, a multi-disciplinary staff will offer a four-day, wide-ranging physical and psychological screening procedure which has been shown, in preliminary studies, to have good predictive ability. Each individual participant will receive a detailed report to assist their career planning.

When fully operational, “The Complex” will offer a maximum of 12 residential places each week to young adults aged 16 to 21 years old. Housed in a former Georgian country house, attendees will share twin bedrooms and communal meal facilities, under the supervision of a resident house-mother. The specialist assessments will be undertaken by resident sport and health staff, with visiting expertise available as required.

Places will be offered to applicants based on merit and recommendation and will be free-of-cost to all who are offered the opportunity to attend this unique facility.

Relevant staff will be available to answer questions during your visit which will be escorted by the acting-director of “The Complex”, Dr Davies. No students will be in residence.

We look forward to welcoming you to “The Project”.

Spec Op Dir, 01/04/2009; email memo

FAO Operation PsyCoChemManip


  1. Rural facilities at The Complex have been completed.
  2. First tranche of subjects have been selected to arrive 13/04/2009 pm to commence selection the next day.
  3. Current option is for full activity by end of April 2009.
  4. Precise constitution of study mixture will be notified on “need to know; list alpha” basis only.
  5. All personnel are be meticulous in maintaining security Code OCHRE.
  6. Selected media briefing to go ahead 06/04/09, as per attached press briefing.



Operation PsyCoChemManip

Need to know; list alpha

Wed, 01/04/09, 1406h

Combination to be used for all courses until further notice;  Cannabinoid code IC 36.

Acknowledge receipt for records.


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33 Responses to CODE OCHRE; 1

  1. frigginloon says:

    I’m in!!!! Whatever you are on about 🙂

  2. duncanr says:

    Have you started ? 😉

  3. Well you’ve got a great concept here Dave. My only concern for you is whether your readers have the intellectual wherewithal to follow your storyline. Haha (but not really). I do love the premise and how you plan to showcase the novella. Best of luck and Bon Voyage!. I just broke a Champaign bottle against my laptop but I don’t think it was a goo ……..

  4. Julie says:

    I’m here … I’m here …. inbetween doing FYE stock adjustments (I’m known as the fastest fingers in the company 😀 ) – any wise comments will be dealt with according to my current state of mind (PMS in operation currently)

  5. Lisa says:

    Interesting! Sort of a mixture of reality show premise and the Chinese Cultural Revolution’s re-education camps.

  6. davehambo says:

    Hello Lisa; all will become clearer… thanks for the visit!

  7. jill says:

    i just hope the picture becomes clearer with each 500 words! 🙂

  8. Andy Holroyd says:

    ANDY: and straight from the kick off seasoned campaigner Hambo, sporting the blue and orange shirt, has got off to a good start. Watching him pass paperwork is a skill to behold. Slight slip with the ‘TOP SECRET’ but forgiven that for sheer enthusiasm. What do you say Monty?

    MONTY: well, Andy, I think the press release was well handled. Early confidence is showing. Can he build on this?

    ANDY: it’s a good position but little team play so far. Bringing on Cannabinoids so early in the match may leave him short of a substitute later. We’ll see…

    – cut to commercial break –

  9. starlaschat says:

    Exciting! Glad to be a part of the reading. What two days are you taking off so I can schedule.

    • davehambo says:

      Hello there and welcome. New posting will be each day, Monday to Friday, from 14 June to 9 July 2010, from about 0300 BST London to be lunctime in Auz and still yesterday in USofA but I know some bloggers there who keep very odd hours! Also a synopsis of the previous weeks posts on Saturday (not today as only 1 post done!) in the issuu format. Hope that helps; please call again!

  10. frigginloon says:

    It better not have an ending like LOST!!!!

  11. duncanr says:

    Oh, why are we waiting , oh why are we . . . . 🙄

    Ahem, 07.14, Dave !!!

    Just saying 😆

    • davehambo says:

      Hello duncan; did you not read the CO basic pages? New posts will be Monday to Friday only, the so called working week. With a synopsis post for the previous 5 days each Saturday; but not today as there has only been the one!

      Plus, even I know that England play USofA today, no one will be blogging later today!

      • duncanr says:

        I’ve always been an impatient bugger, Dave – I need instant gratification 😆

        P.S. and I never read the small print on anything 😳

      • davehambo says:

        Forgiveness granted… Hazel doesn’t want to adjust either of our keys!

  12. Tony says:

    OK My Tasmanian brain has digested the story so far. Just don;t get too complicated like the newaitchsee explanation….
    I am a bit concerned about “The Complex” & “The Housemother” or is it a Complex Housemother??? Women are complex creatures after all. Not wanting to jump ahead of the storyline Dave but they sound a bit worrying.

    “Now come on Tommy be a good boy or we’ll send you to the complex where the Housemother will deal with you”

    “No Daddy!!! No!!! Please, not the Complex!!! Punish me with a jolly good wooden spoon smacking or the naughty seat, but please not the Complex & the Housemother!!! Noooo!!!!!!”

    Operation PsyCoChemManip does sound a bit worrying too.

    “Now come on Tommy, be a good boy & take your PsyCoChemManip pills so housemother doesn’t have to punish you with my whip & black fishnet stockings”

    “No Housemumy I don’t want them, Noooo!!!!!!!”

    “My goodness you are a bad boy Tommy”
    Whip, whip, whip…..

    Just sayin’….

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Tony; without disclosing too much, “The Complex” may not be so innocent, nor may “THe Housemother”…

      As for the rest of your daydream, I precribe a large slug of medicinal gin, perhaps with a drop of bromide?

      Thanks for calling by again, see you Monday!

  13. lisleman says:

    I’m ready for my room assignment.

    I guessing your not influenced by Harry Potter. My daughter really got into that but I didn’t think much of it.

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Lisleman; hope you managed to find chapter #2? I didn’t do Harry Potter, in any sense of the phrase, but that series certainly grabbed lots of kids into fiction reading for the first time, so no bad thing

  14. Dan McGinley says:

    I’m here, Doc! My blogroll always brings me to the first post, and my simple little mind says, “Nothing new yet,” but I’ learning. I’m liking the start of this very much, and will play some catch-up.

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