Code Ochre; 2

  Transcript of Phone Call

Subject A1 and her mother



Mum, it’s me, Debs; the post has come, I’m on the special selection course!”

Which one is that darling?”

The tennis protoge academy prelim… college put me up for it!”

The weekend in London one?”

No, that week at a live-in sports complex, somewhere near Liverpool…”

That’s good then! How much will it cost me?”

Nothing; all free, travel, everything…”

I don’t remember signing any forms or permission stuff?”

Ah, yep; you were so busy with work… I may have signed for you… save time and all…”


Come on mum, you know I can do it well, no-one will know. And if…”

And if they find out a lovely young girl like you forges her mum’s papers for her, then their dreams of Wimbledon stardom may not come true!”

(Long silence, no speech…)

OK mum, sorry, last time I do it, promise! Right, I’ve got practise, see you later, bye”

 Personal E-Notebook Diary of Aileen B

House Mother; The Complex

Thu ,02/04/09,1930h

 So, the first rehearsal for a full houseful of attendees went so smoothly yesterday that we expect the first proper guests in a couple of weeks . The whole procedure has been trimmed to a slick 4 days which the kids will enjoy, hopefully.

I have joined the resident ladies softball team and we only lost to the caterers by 3 strikes, or do I mean ends? The sports hall has lovely kit and we are encouraged to make maximum use of it before the first proper group of candidates arrives, after which it will be weekends only, shame!

 According to the “boss man”, old wandering eyes, the national press will be coming next Tuesday for a guided tour of the place and a briefing on what we hope the kids will gain from a spell here. Some of the caterers were saying that the menu on offer that day will work out at nearly £50-a-head, buying good publicity costs a bit, apparently.

 Right, I’m knackered, quick drink in the mess bar then bed for me, up again at 5am tomorrow, almost as tough as being a proper mother, but no messy nappies, I do so hope!

 Personal E-Notebook Diary of Aileen B

House Mother; The Complex


Just come from the wash-up chat after the press open day visit. Old Wandering Eyes is delighted with the response from the journos and the good items they are promising. I was expecting cameramen to want to photo inside the buildings but apparently that’s been rejected as yet, privacy and all that!

He even stood a round for everyone, that would cost almost my weekly wage, before all the ruddy stoppages! He also gave a 72 hour leave to all the resident staff from tomorrow evening. I think I’ll have a lie in or two and maybe go to the new shops in Liverpool?


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22 Responses to Code Ochre; 2

  1. Tony says:

    Aileen B is the Tommy whipping, black fishnet stocking clad House Mother at The Complex??? Who’da guessed??? No wonder old wandering eyes’s eyes wander.
    All free, travel, everything??? I am suspicious, the old adage of “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is” comes to mind…

  2. Aside from the need to stop and figure out the Brit lingo every once in a while, I’d say that this is starting off smashingly well. Or is it just smashingly? Damn Brit lingo. Anyway I’m wondering when Lisbeth Salander and Blomvist are going to show up and get to the bottom of this conspiracy.

    BTW, if you mean softball like they play in the states then they would have lost by three runs.

  3. jill says:

    I agree with Scott about the language difference. I thought I’d have a bit of an edge considering my other half, but then again, he is a Yorkshireman! 😉

  4. lisleman says:

    recorded phone calls – I’m guessing George Bush (Dubya) is going to show up before the end.

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Lisleman; not Dubya but some of his spiritual partners? I have decided to put up a poll on Friday 18 June with the final post for this week (#6) and highlight it again on Saturday 19 with the first synopsis package, to see how many folk would like to open the plot line (there is one, honestly) to suggestions and ideas at the just-after-halfway point, after post #11. OK?

  5. starlaschat says:

    I’m so glad your doing your novella on line. I’m already really enjoying the read. Looking forward to the continuing saga of Code Ochre.

  6. Dan McGinley says:

    Loving this Dave, and the Queen’s English (we say King’s English here, so who really controls the language over there?) brings a nice aspect to the story. It reminds me of summer camp, but with a different aqccent.

  7. Lisa says:

    Kudos on keeping the convo and the diary entrys natural sounding. Some folks write dialogue, etc. in a staged way.

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Lisa; one of my few skills is listening in to conversations so I find dialogue a little easier that some aspects of writing! Thanks for your visit.

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