Code Ochre; 3


Transcript of Phone Call

Subject A1 and her mother


Hi Mum, I suppose your down the bingo again? Anyway, just to let you know I arrived here safely. Nice place and people, bit posh really. Had a quick medical with the team nurse, then an orientation briefing from the director chap and a tour of the place, see where everything is. We are the first group to come here so only six of us, to test out the procedures, but means we get a room to ourselves, so that’s OK. Anyway, I hate ruddy answer phones so I hope you didn’t win too much and I’ll phone again Tuesday night, tar-rar!”

 Official Unit Log, “The Complex”

Entry By Night Watch Operative serial 5203


 All systems functioning within agreed parameters.

  1. First group of guests now all settled.
  2. Supplies of the declared combination safely arrived at 2230h.FREE TEXT COMMENT The little darlings are tired from a long journey! Assuming no negative indicators come become evident in full baseline evaluations tomorrow than they will be a good live test run!

 Transcript of Phone Call

Subject A1 and her mother


 “Hi Mum, you out again! Right, well, I passed all the tests today, apparently! We did computer games to check on our intelligence and stuff then loads of gym and tennis court exercises to see about our fitness and skill levels. Tonight we’ve had a special milkshake drink to boost our energy levels to see how much better we are tomorrow. Bit like one of the caffeine shot Red Bull things, I think. Anyway, I’m knackered, been feed some nice grub and I’m off to bed. Will you be home Wednesday? I’ll try then. Night!”

 Personal E-Notebook Diary of Aileen B

House Mother; The Complex

Tues, 14/04/09, 2320h

 Old wandering eyes said we would be busy on the day the students were in, he wasn’t wrong! Only six of them but they feed like piggies and treat their rooms like a sty! And one of them came on and had no Tampax FFS. Anyhow, they’ve all done well in their assessments today and are happy but tired. One of the sports physios dropped in and left a energy drink for them all to have before bed, I feel as if I need it as well. Bed!”

 Official Unit Log, “The Complex”

Shift Change Handover to Op. Serial 3393


  1.  No change from midnight report.
  2. All subjects slept well; no incidents observed.
  3. FREE TEXT COMMENT Aileen the house mother has a fantastic arse! If she knew we could see all around her bedroom…?

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14 Responses to Code Ochre; 3

  1. Ocean Girl says:

    I say tar-tar, you say tar-rar.

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Ocean Girl; thanks for visiting Code Ochre. I opted for tar-rar as your version would come out very close to the sauce many of us brits use on fish, tartare!

      • jill says:

        or how those Yorkies say it ~ terah!

        i’m getting a feeling of Jurassic Park or something of that nature.

      • davehambo says:

        Hello Jillsy; (I remember such things I’m afraid) I can be sure that it isn’t Jurrasic Park. But then again I’ve never seen the film or read the book, assuming there was one? So, perhaps, unwittingly…

      • Jillsy says:

        Glad you noticed that….I’ve changed it now! Never saw or read Jurassic Park? I’d suggest reading it first!

  2. Tony says:

    Hey Subject A1, Don’t drink the special milkshake or you’ll be sorry…
    Cameras in her bedroom…
    Do we have Housemother photos Dave???

    Dave: Open the bedroom door Housemother
    H.M.: I’m sorry, I can’t do that Dave…

    Sorry just had a 2001 Space Odyssey moment

  3. Laura says:

    naughty you, spying on the housewoman’s arse!.
    Fun reading, I’m reading now to get the whole thing and will be up to date.

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Laura; hope you have enjoyed so far. You and others may find the weekly synopsis due out here each Saturday, in issuu format, to be more userfriendly?

      PS I am a bottom man!

  4. starlaschat says:

    It is Fun reading I agree. I probably will only be able to come by a couple of times a week but at only 500 words a post, I can read a few posts at a time. I am taking a night class and it looks to be more homework then I realized. :+) The class is only a few more weeks, hopefully I will survive.

    • davehambo says:

      Hello starlaschat; thankyou for visiting. Hope your course is fun and not too exhausting. By posting at 500 words a day, I was anticipating that folk could call by as often as their busy lives dictated and not be “drowned with prose”. As I said to Laura, the weekend synopsis post may suit you better?

  5. Dan McGinley says:

    I agree with Tony . . . don’t touch the milk shake, eh. What are you leading us into, Doctor? This is too much fun.

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