Official Unit Log, “The Complex”

Entry By; Health Centre Staff Nurse Mellor

Wed, 10/06/09, 1843h

 “At 1509h a medical alert was broadcast for the Sports Hall. I arrived at 1513h to find a young male,subject  A27, Damien Donald, had collapsed doing kick-about soccer during a break in the selection programme. I could not find a pulse or sign of any cardiac activity on ECG so initiated standard resuscitation. After some 10 minutes an emergency paramedic arrived and between us we continued resuscitation, with extra support from an ambulance crew who arrived approx 1530h. Regrettably no response was apparent in Damien, who was certified dead at 1605h.”


FAO Operation PsyCoChemManip

Wed, 10/06/09, 2100h

  1. Consequent on the sudden death of a male, A27, at The Complex today an urgent meeting of “The Project” management group will be held at this directorate Friday, 12/06/09, 1000h.
  2. All sponsor agencies are to ensure that their lead adviser is in attendance; any possible attendees not already security cleared at Code Ochre for “The Project” will not be admitted.
  3. The current course #6 will continue but all participants have been offered psychosocial counselling if they so wish.
  4. All “Complex” employees will be debriefed by the resident Spec Ops staff, whose report will be forwarded to all List Alpha as soon as received at this directorate.
  5. Any media inquiries are to be directed to Department of Culture, as previously agreed.


Personal E-Notebook Diary of Aileen B

House Mother, The Complex

 Thu, 11/06/09, 1735h

 “I, and a few other staff from here, have just spent a couple of hours with the parents of dead Damien. They insisted on visiting to see where he had passed on and to collect his personal possessions. Very trying for all of us, his mother was beside herself, constantly crying and wailing, quite got to me, poor cow!

Zoe from admin says that the preliminary report from the local mortuary is that Damien died of a previously quite un-suspected heart condition called Hoccum or some such. Nurse Mellor reckons that it not infrequently kills otherwise fit, young athletes and is hard to detect, except after the disaster happens.

Whatever, the rest of the course members have carried on pretty much as if nothing happened. A couple of them have the making of right hard faced bastards; I suppose they have to be to get on as sports professional these days?

Otherwise, business as usual… next week’s course is our first female unemployed, have to nail everything down to prevent theft! No, that’s wrong to say, I do so hope! A nice bunch would be, well, nice!

Right, to the bar for a well earned small noggin, I can still hear Damien’s mum wailing as she left…”

(Dear reader/visitor to Code Ochre; many thanks for calling by and/or revisiting for the second week of action!

You may or may not be delighted to know that as of Saturday 19 June at about 0800h GMT, CODE OCHRE was the featured blog under 5 tags at wordpress!  However, on 3 of them mine was the ONLY blog listed!!

Herewith just one to enjoy;

Thanks for all your comments, Have A Nice Day!)


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20 Responses to CODE OCHRE; #7

  1. I’m surprised that they wouldn’t have demanded a total media blackout. If I were running this program there would be no leaks.

  2. Julie says:

    We’re obviously not using enough foul language here 🙂

  3. Julie says:

    Glenn Close would be perfect to play the part of Aileen B

    • davehambo says:

      Julie; I can see the possibility… I will declare my desired cast list a the end. Anyone else like to offer names for Aileen B or Dr Davies (couple of big players not yet appeared BTW, they do tomorrow late on…)

  4. frigginloon says:

    I’m not going to die in this ???

  5. starlaschat says:

    The Others? ;+/

    Great read. Featured under “Physiological Chicanery” who were the other 2?

    • davehambo says:

      Hello starlaschat; just raced here from your place! The other 2 “uniqe” listings were “daily chapter” and “world cup soccer avoidance”. The 2 shared tags were “bottom dwelling blogger” (3 other blogs) and “corruption of power,” with 2 other. Are tags worth it?

  6. Dan McGinley says:

    Three dead now? This place is getting more frightening all the time. Aileen B describing Damien’s mom as a “poor cow” was kind of insulting, but since she needs to drink the wailing away, maybe she’s not so cold? This has a great, creepy aura about it, like classic Hitchcock.

  7. Jillsy says:

    I think this all revolves around that drink they’ve been serving…..

  8. Tony says:

    I haven’t been online much the past week so have some catching up to do. Wow, they’re dropping like flies. There’s gunna be a veritable mountain of dead kids by the time this is over….

  9. Tony says:

    BTW I think Sandra Bullock would be a good pick for Aileen B

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Tony; enjoying your winter? It’s been far too hot here for us wimpy brits, 30C/86F in the day, uugghhh! Yep a small mountain of corpses… and Sandra Bullock would be a definite possible for Aileen Blaze! Thanks for calling by, again.

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