Commander, Spec Op Dir; by email, TOP SECRET

Abridged Minutes of Meeting Earlier Today

FAO Operation PsyCoChemManip

Fri, 12/06/09, 1548h

  1. Full minutes will be circulated as usual, but I want to record the main decisions to be implemented with immediate effect.
  2. The death of Subject A27 will be recorded as secondary to Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, aka HOCM, of which there was no clinical evidence in his physical examination on arrival at “The Complex”. This disorder is characterised by almost no clinical features prior to death.
  3. The Project” is now aware of the death of 3 students who have attended “The Complex”, subjects A1, A27 and Z03. Formal inquiries have not made any causal connection between these events.
  4. Although insufficient subjects have been studied, the performance enhancing effects of the “energy drink” seem to be between 10-30%, both physical and mental activity.
  5. Confidential internal audit has concluded that the deaths might, albeit at a very low probability, be secondary to use of IC 36 in the drink .
  6. From a detailed consideration of the research evidence available, IC 36 will be replaced from course #7 commencing 15/06/09. The final decision will be notified though List Alpha no later than 1200h, Saturday, 13/06/09.


Official Unit Log, “The Complex”

Entry By Night Watch Operative Serial 2426

Wed, 17/06/09, 2359h 

  1. All systems fully functional.
  2. As instructed by acting-director, Central Control has been closely monitoring the current course #7 for any nocturnal behavioural patterns different to previous attendees.
  3. Four (4) occurrences from this evening, all within 3 hours of the second dose of sports energy drink, have been copied onto video for analysis tomorrow. FREE TEXT “The fact that a couple of female subjects have enjoyed a prolonged and full on snog in bed does not, of itself, mean much other than being the first such observed at The Complex…


FROM LATE Thur,18/06/09, ONWARDS

 “A 16 year old male youth was shot dead after refusing to give up or lower his weapon during a stand-off with police after a failed jewellery shop road… A potential Army recruit, named by locals as Frankie Smith, was gunned down despite only having a replica fire-arm… The grieving mother of dead boy Frank Smith claims her son was “totally changed” after attending a Special Recruit Assessment week at “The Complex” near Liverpool… (Note to Editors; Background to The Complex was given in HMG central press briefing, available on request)


Transcript of Mobile Phone Message

Recipient Dr Mike Ridge.

Sun, 21/06/09; 1638h

 “Hello there, I hope that this is the answer-phone of Dr Mike Ridge? Sorry to bother you on father’s day and all that. I’ve been given your details by a colleague. I need some urgent advice about the jewellery shop raider killed a few days ago. I’m the solicitor who represents his mother. Could you return may call as soon as you can? Many thanks!”


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25 Responses to CODE OCHRE; #8

  1. Lisa says:

    4 dead now, keeping a tally. Enjoyable reading!

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Lisa; in Britain we have a TV detective series called “Misommer Murders” where they often manage a body count of 5+ in a 2 hour epsiode, the first usually within 2-3 minutes of the start… maybe I’ve been influenced?

  2. “BP is aware of an ‘oil flow issue’ but has not made any casual connection between these events and our Gulf interests.”

    What is a snog? Sex or masturbation?

    Why are you avoiding the World Cup? It’s only every four years and it is fantastic. And I’m American!

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Scott; the similarity between Code Ochre and BP in The Gulf of Mexico was not known when I drafted this… after you provoked my fiction muse!

      Lisa has pithily described snog, it’s there for a certain reason that becomes clear, later on in the tale.

      My antipathy to soccer is deeply inbred and probably irrational; I loathe the influence it has on British culture. Desmond Morris, British academic, whom I have just discovered was born in a tiny vilage I used to live in (fate?) wrote a learned treatise in 1981 called “the soccer tribe”. That book was required reading during my basic psychiatry training in Oxford, perhaps my dislike arises from there?

  3. Lisa says:

    I think it means kissing, so they were doing the requisite hot lesbian kissing scene. Every story by a man needs one.

  4. frigginloon says:

    I am hoping Joran van der Sloot isn’t at the “Complex” because we won’t be able to believe a thing then 😦

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Loon; for the folk who do not share Loons addiction to news (and thank the dieites she does, between her place and madhatters I learn enough to score well in the BBC news online endofweek quiz!) this chappy can be discoverd at;

      … and no he is/never was there (mainly cos I’d never heard of him!)

      • Bearman says:

        My wife asked why any woman would go up to the room of the guy given his history. I said most people wouldn’t remember his name. She looked at me like I was crazy.

      • davehambo says:

        Hello Bearman; welcome to this place. I have read a bit more about this JvdS chap after Loon drew my attention to him; I’m with your wife on this one!

    • Tony says:

      Are you counting Loon. 4 dead bodies on the roof of the complex now…

  5. Jillsy says:

    Ah..Ha! My suspicions might be spot on!

  6. Dan McGinley says:

    Wild Snogging! Another body! The style is very fun and captivating, whereas wild acts are described within a very formal context. Confession time, Doctor: I had to Google “snog” and boy it was worth the extra key strokes. Also, I’ve only known of one Oxford alumni, and that was President Clinton. Oh wait . . . a professor at the University of Rhode Island who taught Shakespeare, and the class was a great pleasure. He was among my favorites. I’m not worthy (please accept my groveling)!

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Dan; thanks for encouraging comments! I was only a day-release post graduate student for 2 years at Oxford, on their academic course for shrinks whilst seconded from the RAF, so no Silly Billy Clinton for me. BUT I did have the totally honorary title of associate lecturer in the dept of psychiatry at Cambridge university, it came with the job as a senior trainee doctor at then RAF Hopsital Ely… so technically I was at both Ox and Bridge… so no grovelling, ever!

      • Dan McGinley says:

        “Grovel” Okay, Doc! “Grovel . . . grovel . . .” It is still a great honor to make your acquaintance. Oxford is on my list of visits, should I ever have the time and resources. Rio was checked-off when I was very young, randy, and restless. I’m still recovering.

      • davehambo says:

        Dan; Oxford is one of my favourite British cities, a nice mix of old university buildings and a large market town commercial centre. As for being randy there, you might need to be in one of the colleges with the undergraduate crumpet?

  7. Lisleman says:

    If this was taking place in the US the solicitor/lawyer would have appeared after the first death. We are too lawsuit happy to miss that many deaths.

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Lisleman; missed this comment, sorry! Probably so in real Britain (the lawyers that is) but the truth behind Debs death hasn’t been quite revealed yet which is why things were (had to be) slow off the mark… thanks for visiting and commenting.

  8. starlaschat says:

    I like the first comment 4 dead I’m keeping a tally :+) this must be the “others” . I enjoyed reading this post as well as all the comments. Clever folks I will be googling snog shortly. That sounds like a drink.

  9. Tony says:

    I warned them way back not to touch that energy drink!!!

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