Commander, Spec Op Dir; FLASH SIGNAL

FAO Operation PsyCoChemManip; alpha list only

Wed, 24/06/09, 1300h

  1. Following the critical media coverage of “The Project” last weekend, the Commander, Special Operations, has suspended all activity at “The Complex” with immediate effect.
  2. The current course, #8, will not, repeat NOT, be given the energy supplement due tonight and will go home a day early after the required 24 hour washout time.
  3. All course #8 attendees will be told Thursday morning that this is because of an outbreak of highly infectious diarrhoeal virus and that they will be sent home after being health screened to check for this bug.
  4. All non-alpha list staff within “The Complex” are to be told the same reasoning, without fail or elaboration, and that they will be confined to the site for at least 96 hours after the last infected staff member recovers. The timing of that will be directed by this office, only, consequent on events.
  5. No media representatives are to be admitted to The Complex and any such enquiries should continue to be directed to Department of Culture Press Office.


Personal E-Notebook Diary of Aileen B

House Mother; The Complex

Wed, 30/06/09, 1025h

 “I haven’t been grounded for years! None of the resident staff could leave The Complex after last weeks D+V until today; all we’ve done is deep clean everything and play softball three times a day. Funny, whoever had the bug it wasn’t clear, no-one went missing? Anyway, a full weeks leave has been given so I’ve booked a late notice holiday in Spain. Off to the airport now!”

Internal Memo, SECRET

from “The Project” management team,

to Cabinet Office Secretariat.

Fri, 3 July 2010.

As requested by you, we have fully reviewed the recent unfortunate events involving “The Project” and attendees at “The Complex” in Cheshire. It is the firm and unanimous conclusion of all sponsor departments that there is no clear evidence of any causal link between “The Project” and the acts of violence.

To date, at least half a dozen potential international class athletes have been identified, over a dozen long-term unemployed found jobs or relevant training courses and a couple of outstanding recruits for military Special Forces discovered.

The negative publicity has not reduced demand from young people wishing to attend “The Project”; quite the opposite. Applications in the last two weeks have been about 300% more than the previous equivalent time period.

Thus, the management team have authorised “The Complex” to recommence course from Monday 13 July with course #9, an unemployed male week.


Operation PsyCoChemManip

Need to know; list alpha

Tue, 07/07/09. 1630

  1. Full approval has been issued for activity to recommence at “The Complex” with effect Mon, 13/07/2009, course #9, male unemployed.
  2. As there has been no breach of security Code Ochre concerning the real rather than the public purpose of “The Project”, evaluation of the Energy drink will resume immediately.
  3. Use of IC69 will continue.

(I am truly humbled to note over 1000 visits already, thanks folks for all your support   xxxxx)


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17 Responses to CODE OCHRE #9

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow 1k. Awesome!

  2. God damn it. Don’t these people know that when they start naming things Operation PsyCoChemManip, The Project and The Complex then very, very bad things are going to happen? Like ‘made for TV movie of the week’ bad.

    Have you read the King of Torts by Grisham, Dave?

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Scott; I went with the obvious “names” because that’s what british civil servants tend do… not much imagination!

      Don’t know the Grisham book but having just read the synopsis at Amazon I have ordered it today out of my weeks pocket money (£6 GBP, so have a penny left for a gobstopper!)

  3. Dan McGinley says:

    “. . . concerning the real rather than the public purpose of “The Project”.”

    Aha! Deceitful scum! Medical miscreants! Hacks! All of the above (er, sideways) and more! Where’s the transparency so in fashion today, like when Sarah Palin allowed McCain’s henchmen to dress her like a Barby Doll while we all watched on Youtube. Oops. Never happened. Ahem. Anyway . . . where’s the transparency? Like when politicians love to use the word “transparency”, which REALLY means that we can see right through them. Or at least a kind of oblique color. I love this story . . .

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Dan; politicians, power mad officials and transparency are not words one often sees in the same sentence. Our new libcon government seems to be making an attempt, fuck knows what they are obfuscating about! Glad you are enjoying and thanks for support.

  4. Andy Holroyd says:

    Enjoying the tale no end Dave, it’s nicely drawing me in! Looking forward to strong black coffee in the morning and the next instalment.

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Andy; drawing you in eh… my pencil isn’t sharp enough! (Sorry, best I could do on only the first daytime tea). Enjoy your coffee and the next part; thanks for calling in.

  5. Jillsy says:

    1000 hits!! Yowza! I’m intrigued with the storyline, Dave!

  6. davehambo says:

    Hello Jillsy Girl; (some readers here may know her as YnB!), I am truly delighted that so many good folk have been past code ochre and taken the time to leave comments AND THEN COME BACK FOR MORE. Hope you continue to be intrigued.

    • davehambo says:

      Hello starlaschat; #10 and 11 await you, or the compendium part 2 (#6-#11) will be up tomorrow. Thanks for commenting so positively!

  7. Tony says:

    The old close it down because of highly infectious diarrhoea excuse. The kids couldn’t get out of there fast enough because everyone was dying to leave

  8. Tony says:

    No I have just returned to the blogosphere after a week of not getting around much. I’ll go read it now

  9. Tony says:

    No just had a bit of a lack of interest moment

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