Official Unit Log, “The Complex”

Entry By Acting-Director, Dr Davies

Thu, 16/07/09, 1030h

1.I have interviewed the House Mother and confirmed she did mention to Dr Ridge that all course attendees are given a sports drink whilst at The Complex.

2.She denies telling him the details of how frequently or when it is given.

3.She clearly has no knowledge as to the contents of the mixture; thus she has not compromised the Code Ochre classification.

4.She has no awareness of the The Complex being intensively monitored by audio and visual surveillance.

5.I have spoken directly with Commander, Operation PsyCoChemManip, by secure phone and appraised him of the above.

6.I await further directions.


Transcript of Mobile Phone Call

Norton & Co, Solicitors and Dr M Ridge

Thu,16/07/09, 1842h

“Dr Ridge, had a busy day?”

“Yes, especially after the info you passed to my assistant at lunchtime!”

“I wondered if it might stimulate your interest?”

“Quite, with knobs on! So, it seems to me, well us here anyway, that three other kids who attended The Complex have died. Damien whilst there, the other three after, including your man Frank.”


“That is a large proportion of the 100 or so people who have been through The Project in the three months it has been going. We estimate that statistically they should have about one death in every five to six years.”

“What does that mean?”

“Attendees at The Complex are some 80 times more likely to die than chance would imply.”

“Could that simply be bad luck on all fronts?”

“Yep, but very unlikely. Something is happening to the kids when they are there.”


“So my client is right then?”

“Looks that way.”

“Dr Ridge, what could it be?”

“Has to be something they all have access to… and this energy drink has not been mentioned in any of the official papers… so?”

“So we, I, need to find out about this drink?”

“Yep, and whilst you do that we’ll chase down the coroners reports on the four deceased, see if anything odd was found.”

“They all had forensic post-mortems done…”

“Yes, should make my job a lot easier!”

“OK. I’ll find a way to chivvy some information out of The Project… proper information that is.”

“Freedom of Information Act disclosure?”

“I’ll try other routes first, but yes if needs be. Speak to you when I have,OK?”

Commander, Spec Op Dir; FLASH SIGNAL

FAO Operation PsyCoChemManip; alpha list only

Fri, 17/07/09, 1724h

1.I received a request from an MP, through the Culture Press Office for details of the contents in the energy drink given to attendees at The Complex.

2.All courses are suspended and a meeting of The Project Management Team will be held next week, details to follow.

3.Action as for emergency shut-down protocol.



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20 Responses to CODE OCHRE #12

  1. Lisa says:

    Who knew so much trouble could ensue after knoxking back a couple of Red Bulls before bedtime?

  2. frigginloon says:

    Geez, I hope it wasn’t Powerade 😦

  3. Time to shred some documents.

  4. Jillsy says:

    they folded quickly….wimps. 🙂

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Jillsy Girl; I was trying to give some idea of the real panic in Central Government when an MP asks a well directed specific question, it does happen!

  5. starlaschat says:

    Wow, emergency shut down.

  6. Dan McGinley says:

    ” . . . chivvy some information.”

    Chivvy is my new English term for the week. I’m going to use it and – whoa – my wife just knew it when asked. She’s different though (speaks French, cultivates orchids, loves ballet). She thinks NASCAR means Nuclear Active Solar Condensed Alloy Rod. Poor challenged woman . . . [I sip beer and burp as the hound scratches his ear].

    Ahem. I’m loving this story, and Dr. Ridge. Looks like he’s all over it. Time for the next chapter . . .

  7. Tony says:

    Chicken energy drinks… That explains it, they died from salmonella poisoning!!! How come you get that from chicken anyhow??? Shouldn’t you get it from salmon??? Maybe they died from chickenella poisoning. The plot thickens. I think the energy drink comment will turn out to have bad ramifications for Housemother…

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Tony; you got me checking up! I thought salmonella was so called after the colour of the bug when growing in a lab dish, but;
      which shows a pink bug in the main piccy says it was named after the boss of the man who did discover it; was he trying to say something?

      Your Aileen Blaze may regret her naieve comment to Dr M Ridge…

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