Transcript of Mobile Phone Call

Norton & Co, Solicitors and Dr M Ridge

Tue, 04/08/09, 0903h

 “Morning Will…”

You’re starting early Mike, I haven’t got coffee yet!”

Sorry, I just wanted to catch you before I go and see the Coroners Officer on the Damien Donald death…”

Ah, have things moved then?”

Yes, could say that. I had an email passed to me by a convoluted route in which this woman, a Sergeant Long, asks to speak directly, face to face, with me. My researcher spoke to her last week and she, Long, wanted to add to the information given.”

What does she want to say?”

If I knew that I wouldn’t…”

Sorry, silly question! You want to ask me about the energy drink?”

Yes, Will, any progress with your enquiries?”

Our local MP keeps badgering The Project Team but their press office are stonewalling any question he puts to them. No, I’m afraid.”

Will you make a Freedom of Information enquiry?”

No, the barrister we’ve retained reckons we’ll do better by asking difficult questions at the Inquest.”

OK, I’ll phone you after I meet up with Sergeant Long…”


FAO Operation PsyCoChemManip

Tue, 04/08/09, 1025h

Following a telephone intercept, the Coroners Officer on Subject A27, Damien Donald, has been isolated and will remain so.

Transcript of Mobile Phone Call

Norton & Co, Solicitors and Dr M Ridge

Tue, 04/08/09, 1400h

 “Will, it’s Dr Ridge. Think about this will you, did you tell anyone about my meeting up with that police person?”

Erm, no, been at my bloody desk all morning. Why?”

When I got to her office she was said to be off-sick and not contactable.”


The desk clerk dealing with me was very nervous, sweating, wouldn’t look me in the face… lying and badly so.”


 “Are you suggesting that our phones are being tapped?”

Yes! No more calls on this line, get your office checked over and I’ll obtain a different mobile, OK? Wait for me to contact you again. Right?” (DISCONNECT TONE).

Commander, Spec Op Dir; FLASH SIGNAL

FAO Operation PsyCoChemManip; alpha list only

Wed, 05/08/09, 1430h


  1. Telecommunication surveillance of both the solicitor and medical adviser on death of subject M8, Frank Smith, has been lost. Commander has not authorised covert reinstatement as detection of that would be very damaging.
  2. House-Mother Aileen Blaze has also identified herself as being observed and monitored. She had not made any mobile phone or email contact for 6 hours before the roadside observer withdrew at which time she was making an animated telephone call from the home of her mother’s vicar.
  3. As the call was not to any phone line monitored by “The Project” we have to assume that it was to parties unfavourable to “The Project”.
  4. Commander has authorised preventative elimination of Ms Blaze.

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12 Responses to CODE OCHRE #14

  1. Lisa says:

    Don’t kill Aileen! Aileen’s cool. Don’t let her be cold n’ dead. But whatever will be will be. You should weave in that she knows kung fu and opens a can of whoop arse on her would-be assassins, or let the lesbians be superheros, and save her.

    Or just continue on as is…the plot thickens.

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Lisa; I specialise in thick plots so who knows where this is going? Actually I do as I wrote the final part last evening… shall I tell you… nope, have to wait! Thanks for calling by and commenting.

  2. Will does a lot better than me. I don’t even leave the house until I’ve had two coffees. So, is there a difference between a solicitor and a barrister?

    And I’m wondering why they assume that any phone lines that they are not monitoring (99.99 of the world’s) would be to an unfavorable party? Paranoia?

  3. davehambo says:

    Hello Scott; two good questions. In Britain there are significant differences between solicitors and barristers as to whom is “permitted” to act in certain courts. Punters go to solicitors in the first instant who will then retain/instruct a barrister with special experience in the aspect of the law under question.

    With regard to official paranoia, yep that’s it!

  4. starlaschat says:

    You can see what I am capable of with half a cup of coffee. Thanks for catching my mis quotes today.

    I’m glad Scott asked what the difference is between a barrister and a solicitor. The finial part written last evening, how exciting as the plot thickens and the story unfolds. So glad I found your blog I must send a Thank You card to S.L.e.

    • davehambo says:

      Hello starlaschat; glad to help on misquotes! I owe a number of friends for directing folk from their blogs to Code Ochre!

  5. lisleman says:

    I’ve have caught up once again.
    Here’s an observation for what it’s worth.

    In the same memo/flash signal –
    “…has not authorised covert reinstatement as detection of that would be very damaging.”
    “…has authorised preventative elimination of Ms Blaze.”

    So I should believe that it’s easier to eliminate someone than convert surveillance?

  6. Dan McGinley says:

    “. . . preventative elimination of Ms Blaze.”

    Scumbags. Using Bush lingo to describe bloody murder (preventative elimination sounds like preemtive strike or war).

    Now I really hate ’em. Please let Aileen be a deadly Kung Fu Air Bender?

  7. Tony says:

    Commander has authorised preventative elimination of Ms Blaze.


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