Official Unit Log, “The Complex”

Entry By Acting-Director, Dr Davies

Thu, 19/08/09, 1530h


  1. I have briefed all members of staff who are, in addition to myself, required to attend the Coroner’ Inquest on Subject M8, Frank Smith.
  2. In particular, I have emphasised that each witness must only answer questions relating to the time that Mr Smith was resident at “The Complex”.
  3. No questions are to be replied to on ANY OTHER MATTER that might be raised by legal representatives at the hearing.
  4. Only one other indicted staff member is Code Ochre cleared, the Watch Officer, Serial 2426, who witnessed the brawl during early hours Thursday 14/05/09. The fight was disclosed by Subject M8 to his mother when he returned home and as such cannot be denied.
  5. After legal advice from “The Project” management team, we have ensured that none of the directing staff will be required to give evidence.
  6. Watch Officer 2426, Paul Noble, has been specifically taught how to reply to questions concerning that incident.FREE TEXT COMMENT I am in no doubt that the inquest will be trying for us all but that The Project will be functioning again very soon after.


Part-Transcript of Coroner Court Proceedings

Mr Frank Smith, deceased

Fri, 20/08/09, from 0930h onwards


(Coroner Speaking) “Mr King, as barrister representing the deceased’s mother, do you wish to outline matters that you will especially wish me to consider?”

(Mr King, QC) “Thank-you sir, there will be… but initially may I raise a point of law?”

(Coroner) “Do I need to send the jury to recess?”

(Mr King) “ Yes, sir, they may wish to make coffee as this will take some time?”

(Invitation to jury to retire, sound of chairs shuffling, background noise and then Mr King) “Sir, as you are aware, the death of my client’s son has aroused considerable public concern. In order that the fullest account of his life and death can be presented, I requested that you issue witness notices to a number…”

(Coroner) “Yes, Mr King… just the 15 I believe?”

(Mr King) “All very important to assist the court… and that leads me to my submission, Sir. One witness, Sergeant Long, the coroners officer on another related death, Damien Donald, is said to be unavailable without any indication for how long…”

(Coroner) “Yes, I have confirmed this regrettable matter. Your point is…”

(Mr King) “I believe that she has essential information pertaining to the death of Mr Frank Smith, and 3 others, all of whom have links to “The Complex”, part of “The Project”…”

(Coroner) “We are here to consider the death of Frank Smith!”

(Mr King) “I am well aware of that, Sir! Which is why I must insist that Sergeant Long’s whereabouts be made known to this court, as a matter of some urgency.”


(Coroner) “I will retire to seek advice on this matter.”


After the success of last weeks synopsis / cliff notes;

I will do the same for this week, a little later today


Dr Ridge and Will confirm four deaths at The Complex (TC) and wonder if they are related to the milkshake energy drink (MSED).  Will gets a Member of Parliament to ask directly about this, all courses are suspended and TC staff are sent on gardening leave until the outcome of the inquest on Frank Smith.

Aileen Blaze is covertly followed to her mother’s home in Norfolk whilst Dr Ridge is prevented from meeting with a coroners officer, Sgt Long.  Will and Dr Ridge realise that their phones are tapped and Aileen discovers that she is being spied on.  Her car “accidentally” crashes en route to a meeting with Dr Ridge and she is very seriously hurt.

Dr Davies at TC prepares all the staff on what to say at the inquest, specifically coaching Watch Officer Paul Noble on what not to say.  As the inquest opens, the barrister for Frank’s mother, Mr King, demands that Sgt Long attend to give evidence.



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12 Responses to CODE OCHRE #16

  1. bearman says:

    “I have briefed all members of staff”

    Haha “briefed” “members” “staff”

  2. I know that if I were the barrister I would be thinking one thing; class action! That’s where the big money is. Do you have class action/mass tort litigation in England Dave?

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Scott; “class action” cases do happen in Britain, my impression is much less often than USofA and they drag on for ever. We have a very long running one on diazepam addiction, I don’t think that been wrapped up yet after 16+ years. More often larger incidents are dealt with by public enquiry apportioning blame/learning lessons and then a judge imposing compo/fine depending on the enquiry findings.

  3. jillsy says:

    cliff notes again….geez…..

    • davehambo says:

      Jillsy, they will be posted in about 15 minutes… chaos at Hambo House today with new garden fence being put in!

  4. starlaschat says:

    Chaos ensues, putting up a garden fence hope it goes well. That reminds me I need to put netting over the strawberry patch, today would be a good day for that.
    I like the note of time, making a pot of coffee.

  5. davehambo says:

    Hello starlaschat; fence now up and excellent job done by a couple of workmen doing “a foreigner”… that might not travel?

  6. Dan McGinley says:

    “. . . has been specifically taught how to reply to questions concerning that incident.”

    I’m ashamed to say that I was coached for numerous court hearings while employed as a bouncer, and as an undercover store detective as a very young man. It happens all the time, and (excuse plug) I just wrote about it on my post. Sometimes it’s what’s NOT said that is damaging. I remember punching this guy out one night, and the first thing my boss did was grab my jacket with “Boston Golden Gloves” on the back and hide it, already anticipating a court hearing. He actually lost his job over that incident, for provoking an attack. I stopped boxing shortly after and found another job, after discovering pot. Since I’m now a part-time Federal employee, I can only say that I “discovered” pot. *Sigh* that reminds me of Scott . . . kidding!

  7. davehambo says:

    Hello Scott; you have led a very interesting life! Just off to read you post… have a good (celebratory) weekend.

  8. Tony says:

    No time for fencing Dave… I need more episodes. It’s becoming a real nailbiter. Fantastic story. If I had it as a book I’d struggle to put it down.

    • davehambo says:

      Tony, your nails are safe until Monday 5 July when we start the last four episodes… I really appreciate your support and comments, have a good weekend.

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