Thu, 03/09/09, 0930h onwards


 Three briefing papers had been circulated and the contents were discussed at some length along with a recommendation from the Lord Chancellor. The following statement will be made in both chambers of Parliament at 1600h today, 3 September 2009;

 “Her Majesty’s Government has authorised the immediate release of files and documents concerning “The Project” to the coroner investigating the death of Mr Frank Smith. His court will now take the lead in adjudicating on the four regrettable deaths amongst young people who have attended “The Complex” earlier this year.

Depending on the outcome of these four inquests, an enquiry will be held into the circumstances that seemingly allowed the administration of substances without the fully informed consent of the recipients.”

Commander, Spec Op Dir; FLASH SIGNAL

FAO Operation PsyCoChemManip; alpha list only

Fri,04/09/09, 1955h


  1. The above operation has been terminated.
  2. All Code Ochre documentation has been centralised within my directorate and selected contents ONLY will be released in accordance with the Cabinet Statement of yesterday in response to any further requests from relevant legal authorities.
  3. All supplies of the modified energy drinks have been returned to secure storage, pending developments.

Part-Copy of Letter

Norton & Co Solicitor’s to Coroner Court Re “The Complex”

Tue, 15/09/09

please note the content of the following request from Dr M Ridge, our medical adviser… “Within the extensive reams of documents supplied from The Project are references to unspecified additives coded IC 36 and IC 69. I formally request the full chemical names of these substances.”



Thu, 24/09/09, 0930h onwards


A decision by the Lord Chancellor was approved. The full chemical composition of IC36 and IC69 will be disclosed…

Note in handwritten diary

Commander, Spec Op Dir

Thu, 24/09/09

 Oh are we fucked!

Part-Copy of Report

Dr M Ridge to Norton & Co Solicitors

Thu, 01/10/09

… the chemicals within the “energy drink” are both novel compounds about which very little is known within the public domain… having features of cannabis, cocaine and amphetamine… the effect on an individual is difficult to predict… I will be re-interviewing the family and close friends of Debs, Johnno and Frank to detail any psychological changes observed after they had been to The Complex… I draw attention to the fact that Debs was attempting to run across a four-lane dual carriageway when she was hit and killed… according to the newly sworn statement of Mr Paul Noble, various unusual behavioural occurrences were observed at The Complex in youths given either of the substances… including a major brawl involving Frank Smith, female homosexual activity…and a probable male sexual proposition provoked the fight in the shower in which Johnno Brown was assaulted…”

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  1. Cannabis, cocaine and amphetamine? Holy mother of God, what did they expect? They would have been better off only using a small dose of MDMA.

  2. davehambo says:

    Hello Scott; what they expected and what they got were a little different!

  3. Lisa says:

    Nifty! The energy drink that makes you switch teams! I think that would be great, and the next preacher or politician who gets caught can use it as an excuse.

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Lisa; I think the “next preacher or politician who gets caught” had better not use the excuse of taking prohibited substances?

  4. Dan McGinley says:

    Damn. For some reason while reading this I flashed to Woodstock (even though I wasn’t there), high school, and a Dead concert. Oh! And those telly tubby things my daughter used to watch. What a predicament that place has caused for everyone involved. There is a certain structure to your writing that I find in a lot of great mysteries from across the pond, and it marches the reader through this fantastic series of events that gradually reveals this and that, while providing just enough foreboding and some hints to help us along. There’s something so unique and so damn enjoyable, Dave. You’ve got that gift. It reminds me of watching “Mystery Theater” with my wife years ago, and some very good shows now like “Lie to Me”, the original “CSI”, and “House”. But you’ve got that unique “unfolding” of a story. Sorry to go on; it’s just such a pleasure to read that style.

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Dan; thanks for the very gracious and encouraging words! I suppose that all fiction writers of whatever genre they pretend to be are influenced by their basic personality AND all the stuff they have read over the years. By nature I am a methodical plodder, start from the beggining and work it through… was a very helpful attribute in some of the clinical and medicolegal cases I was involved in. Much of my reading has, perforce, been medical/psychy/technical where reducing the wordage to a core meaning was essential (and got me a reputation for nitpicking!). Proper literature had to be of shortish variety as I couldn’t retain all the details from “War and Peace type works” for long enough. So, put all that together and this format of brief/short novella came out!

      I’m just delighted and pleased that so many good folk have enjoyed the journey!

  5. Tony says:

    Operation PsyCoChemManip terminated…
    Run away run away!!!!
    “selected contents ONLY will be released in accordance with the Cabinet Statement” so now they feel they are above the law even when the Government authorities demand of them. They’re not playing fair….

  6. Jillsy says:

    “Oh are we fucked” = OAWF!! a new anagram or whatever its called! 🙂

  7. starlaschat says:

    OAWF! It could defiantly catch on, we could use a few new acronyms. I agree with Dan about your writing style. I’m glad they are breaking down the ingredients in the “energy drink.”

    • davehambo says:

      Hello starlaschat; I have to be very cautious about unleashing yet more acronyms… but OAWF does have resonance!

  8. Wait, was there female homosexual activity and I missed it?

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