One of the more popular posts at the old place was the frequent silly picture challenge.  To kick off this now blog I am clearing out the cellars with these three to decipher.

  number 1

                                                                            number 2



number 3

No prizes, just kudos for all (and any) entries by comment below before Friday 16 July 2010. Extra smartie points for knowing where they were taken in #1 and #3.

HAND, dave

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26 Responses to SILLY PICTURE CHALLENGE; a freebie

  1. Tony says:

    They are all “ouse” words
    1. Lighthouse
    2. Mouse
    3. House of some sort, or is that too generic

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Tony; nice one but not quite… have another pitch (BTW there is no linking theme that I can make out?)

  2. nobusysignal says:

    I have no idea, living on the wrong side of the pond I guess is the reason.

  3. Bearman says:

    1. Ship Smokestack
    2. Mouse
    3. Troll House

  4. S. Le says:

    1. lighthouse
    2. snapping turtle
    3. cute wee house, stuff of faerie stories!

    Not sure on locations, though they look quite familiar!

  5. Jillsy says:

    #1. A lighthouse…don’t know where.
    #2. I don’t even want to go there.
    #3. A house taken from a distance…maybe in the Netherlands or somewhere close by.

  6. lavenderbay says:

    1 is a lighthouse (or if not, it should be).

    2 is a baby bird, maybe a wren. I believe it’s a chick because of the “I’m right here so feed me now!!!” yellow along the side of the bill.

    3 has a nice medieval French roof to it.

    Ah, wait! Are they all words with “house”, as others are guessing? 2 would be a House Wren, then.

    PS are 1 and 3 both miniature buildings?

    • davehambo says:

      Hello lavenderbay and welcome to newaitchsee; a very fine opening contribution! Not perfect but very good… check back Friday. HAND.

  7. Lynn says:

    what? no prizes? figures and i got them all right this time! Ggrr.

    1. top of a cruise ship
    2.lookslike a roosting hen tome
    3.a little gnome house lawn ornament

  8. Lynn says:

    oh oh oh… and they were taken on your last holiday!

  9. Dan McGinley says:

    One looks like a lighthouse, but could be a buoy or airport structure, although the little house in three could be the lighthouse keeper’s dwelling, away from the pounding waves. Number two could be a toad, but is that a bird’s face? Like a big, huddled bird? Reaching, reaching . . .

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Dan; also a fair not but not 100% accurate selection, keep trying (or not!) and come back Friday for anwers, HAND.

  10. lisleman says:

    so are you going to track our points again?
    1. I’m going with smoke stack on a ship probably a ferry.
    2. This looks like something on a fence rail. My first thought (a turd) would not be something you would post. I’ll go with some type of fungi growing on a fence rail.
    3. A miniature house in an English garden.

    • davehambo says:

      Hello lisleman; yes I am planning a running total competition and a few special themed cascade challenges. just needed to empty a small folder first and see how my new reader (they know whom) reacted! Again, not a bad choice, answer up Friday.

  11. Lisa says:

    Let’s see:
    1 is a ship smokestack
    2 is a frog
    3 a birdhouse

    • davehambo says:

      Hello Lisa (again!); thanks for contributing, results up Friday, please call back then to find how well you did (or didn’t) do!

  12. Crap, I’d rather spend the day decoding car tags…. let’s see… 1) lighthouse in a snow globe; 2) a catfish; 3) a Keebler elf house (do they have Keebler over there?) HAND!

    • davehambo says:

      Hello perpetually, some wilder guesses in there… and no we don’t have Keebler! Thanks, answers tomorrow.

  13. Lynn says:

    i miss you dave. ♥

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