This will be a rather boring post but I want any visitors to understand what I have been about.

I started writing a novel in 1991/2 as a way of helping me to cope with the crapshit circumstances of my then life. It took five years to complete and it was laid to rest as an unpublished done job.

From 2005 onwards I started writing short/flash fiction as distraction from my deteriorating health and posted them on Yahoo 360-blog, to a deafening silence. So, I wandered the ether and sought out like-minded folk to network with. In the process I learned a valuable lesson. Nobody who blogs can expect any readership; visits are earned and nurtured by reciprocating.

From 2007 I posted my work in blogger, and got to the stupid level of 8 different blogs, each for a particular project. Grandiose madness. Reason was imposed and I maintained just one blog from early 2009, going to daily posting from December of that year. As I had fully retired in June 2008, I wanted the chance, whilst my health allowed, to leave some memoirs and rants to benefit society before the reaper calls me in. More grandiosity!

Having made contacts with numerous creative bloggers their advice and suggestions prompted me to move to the much more useful wordpress platform. Initially as a place to publish an epistolary novella, CODE OCHRE in what was for me a very experimental format. From this I had plucked up courage to be less selective in what I post about.

However, recent events surrounding my contributions to blogging, including now invisible happenings to my last post here, have caused me to take stock and review my reasons for blogging. I no longer have any. I have pretty much said what I wanted to say when I started a single blog back in 2009. I have ranted, lectured and pontificated and been a blessing to some and a right boring bloody nuisance to others!

So, newaitchsee finishes here. I will spend the next uncertain period of time writing more short and long fiction which may, or may not, ever see the light of public gaze. I will still lurk around my blogroll, but not using any identity that can be traced back to me.

Many thanks for sparing me time and the very best for you and yours.


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One of the more popular posts at the old place was the frequent silly picture challenge.  To kick off this now blog I am clearing out the cellars with these three to decipher.

  number 1

                                                                            number 2



number 3

No prizes, just kudos for all (and any) entries by comment below before Friday 16 July 2010. Extra smartie points for knowing where they were taken in #1 and #3.

HAND, dave

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