As promised, your chance to pick the actors you would like to see perform in the film version of Code Ochre (as if, one day etc!)

So, who do you nominate as;

Aileen Blaze, house-mother

Paul Noble, watch officer

Will,  Norton Solicitors

Mr King, Barrister

Dr Davies, acting-director of The Complex

the anonymous Commander, Special Ops Directorate

Dr Mike Ridge, neuropsychiatric expert witness and all round good egg is my alter ego, will be played by me, but if not, whom?

Have fun with your offerings!

This blog will transmogrify into “newaitchsee” early next week, (when I’ve worked out which word-press buttons to press) so please call back then.



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Part-Transcript of Coroner Court Proceedings

Mr Frank Smith, deceased

Thu, 15/10/09, from 0915h onwards


(Coroner to Dr M Ridge) “You were originally instructed to advise the legal team of Frank Smith’s mother but are now acting as sole-joint-expert-witness to all parties, is that correct?”

(Dr M Ridge) “That is correct, Sir. May I outline my findings to you?…

Some 120 young people attended The Complex as part of The Project between early April and mid-July 2009. All were given a specially prepared, not commercial, energy milk shake drink on the Tuesday and Wednesday night… Four of them died… Damien Donald whilst there of HOCM and his death may or may not be secondary to the drink… The Complex had total audiovisual surveillance of all areas, including staff residences… The covert monitoring was at least partly to observe the youths for behavioural changes… in addition to the overt repeated testing of both physical and psychological performance during the day…

Secreted within the special drink was one of two different, both previously unknown chemicals… they were changed around 15 June after the death of Mr Donald… all four deaths before this court occurred after the individuals were given the first substance, known as IC36… Both chemicals have significant positive effects on performance as well as behavioural consequences that seem undesirable.

From their chemical composition, I anticipate that IC36 had a mixture of effects on the brain similar to cannabis and amphetamine, both of which are known to be long-lasting… up to a few weeks on occasions… The brains of humans continue to develop until about the age of 21-22 years… predicting the action of chemicals on under-developed brains is fraught with inaccuracy.

Deborah, the aspiring tennis player was killed attempting to cross a major highway… there is no evidence that she was depressed and attempting suicide, rather totally irrational, out-of-character risk taking…

Johnno Brown, the long-term, unemployed and sadly unrecognised illiterate young man had previous spells of depression but had never attempted suicide before doing so by hanging, not a method known to be associated with “crying for help”…

Frank Smith, the original subject for this Coroner’s Court, became very irritable after his time at The Complex culminating in his attempt at an armed robbery, refusal to disarm and then being shot by the police to protect other members of the public…

In my opinion, the deaths of Debs, Johnno and Frank were secondary to indirect effect of drugs they were given at The Complex… that of Damien may have been…

Note in handwritten diary

Commander, Spec Op Dir

Sat, 31/10/09

Cabinet have directed a private and confidential enquiry into The Complex after being told the Yanks want to “investigate” IC36 as a potential warfare agent… The Project will reopen in some other format, without Code Ochre involvement… Operation PsyCoChemManip is now limited to detainees in Afghanistan… the bitch that caused all the hassle, Aileen Blaze died of septicaemia last week, without any further action by ourselves…

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